Guide to Vintage Etiquette: 1938


by Lawrence Hostetler, 1938.

AN INVITATION to a dance may come over the telephone or on an engraved card - depending on formality of the occasion. If in doubt whether to go formal or informal, ask your hostess. 
A MAN should arrive promptly when he's taking a girl to a dance, and she should be ready when he calls. After chatting cordially with him for a few minutes, she gets her wraps. 
WHEN a woman is hostess, she shakes hands with a man who is introduced to her. The accepted form is, "Mrs. Rogers, this is Mr. Castle." She then responds with a gracious greeting. 
IN SITTING out a dance with a man, remember the importance of gay, small talk. Through this means you may lead up to a topic about which your companion is really enthusiastic. 
A MAN should make some courteous remark to a girl at the finish of a dance as, "Thank you for the waltz." The girl then smiles pleasantly as she answers, "I enjoyed it too." 
WHEN the party is over a man sees a girl safely to the door of her home. Then she tells him that she had a delightful evening. He assures the girl that taking her was a pleasure. 


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