Guide to Vintage Etiquette: 1902

"Modern Quadrille Call Book and Dancing Master" 
by Prof. A.C. Wirth, Chicago, 1902

It is the duty of a gentleman having a place in a quadrille, to have his 
lady with him; otherwise he forfeits his place.

 Never take part in a quadrille without knowing something of the

 While dancing, endeavor to wear a pleasant face.

 Always finish your toilet before entering the ballroom. 

Dancing is subject to much abuse by the thoughtless acquirements of bad habits.

 In ascending a staircase with ladies, go at their side or before them. It is the gentleman's duty to lead the lady and hers to follow. 

[1902 Couple]


When passing through a quadrille, let your arm hang easily
and avoid any display of agility or knowledge of steps.
Loud conversation, profanity, stamping the feet, writing on the wall, using tobacco, sitting or throwing anything on the floor,  are glaring vulgarities.
The ladies' dressing room is a sacred precinct, into which no gentleman should presume to look. To enter it would be an outrage not to be forgiven.
It is very impolite and insulting to galop around or inside of other sets while dancing quadrilles.
True politeness costs nothing, but yields the largest interest and profit to the possessor of any known securities.
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