Vintage Dance Bibliography


Resources from our Library of Period Dance Manuals

 These primary sources are the most valuable places to look to learn about the steps and technique of dancing
done in past periods. Sometimes they are wonderfully clear, sometimes distressfully vague.

 Dance manuals usually begin with a comment on the current dances and state
of ballroom dancing and often have chapters on appropriate ballroom dress and behavior.
They can give us a feel for the mood and aesthetics of their period.






Early 19th Century
Sketches Relative to the Practice of Dancing  Francis Peacock  Aberdeen; 1805 
A Description of the Correct Method of Waltzing  Thomas Wilson  London; 1816 
A Companion to the Ballroom  Thomas Wilson  London; 1816 
Elements and Principles of the Art of Dancing  V.G. Prof. of Dancing  Philadelphia; 1817 
The Address; or An Essay on Deportment  Thomas Wilson  London; 1821 
Elements of the Art of Dancing  Alexander Strathy  Edinburgh; 1822 
The Quadrille and Cotillion Panorama  Thomas Wilson  London; 1822 
Analysis of the London Ball-Room  Thomas Wilson  London; 1825 
Mid 19th Century
The Ball-Room Bijou  Fisher & Bro. Pub.  Philadelphia; 185? 
Etiquette of the Ballroom  Mrs. Nicholas Henderson  London; 185? 
The Amateur's Preceptor  Prof. D.L.Carpenter  Philadelphia; 1854 
The Fashionable Dancer's Casket  Charles Durang  Philadelphia; 1856 
The Drawing Room Dances  Cellarius  Boston; 1858 
The Art of Dancing  Edward Ferrero  New York; 1859 
Almanach de la Danse  Polkarius  Paris; 1860 
Hillgrove's Ballroom Guide  Thomas Hillgrove  New York; 1868 
Beadle's Dime Ball-Room Companion  anon.  New York; 1868 
Dancing Home and Abroad  C.H. Cleveland. Jr.  Boston; 1878 
Late 19th Century
Allan's Reference Guide to the Ball-Room  Mozart Allan  Glasgow; 1880? 
How to Dance  Frank Toussey, Pub.  New York; 1882 
Cartier's Waltz Instructor  P. Valleau Cartier  New York; 1882 
Universal Dancing Master  Lucien Carpenter  Philadelphia; 1882 
The Dance of Modern Society  William Wilkinson  New York; 1884 
Dancing  Allen Dodworth  New York; 1885 
The Way to Dance  Wehman Bros. Publ.  New York; 1890 
Prompting; How to Do It  John M. Schell  New York; 1890 
Round Dancing  M.B.Gilbert  Portland ME; 1890 
The Perfect Art of Modern Dancing  Butterick Publ.  New York; 1894 
Gems of the Ballroom Call Book  E.T. Root & Sons Publ.  Chicago; 1896 
The German  Two Amateur Leaders  Chicago; 1897 
Traite de Danse  Lussan-Borel  Paris; 189? 
Dancing  Marguerite Wilson  Philadelphia; 1899 
Modern Quadrille Call Book  Prof. A.C. Worth  Chicago; 1902 
Encyclopedie Mondaine  Washington Lopp  Paris; 1903 
Cake Walks  F. Leslie Clendenen  St. Louis; 190? 
The Fascinating Boston  Alfonso Josephs Sheaf  Boston; 1913 
Secrets of the Tango  S. Beach Chester  London; 1914 
Social Dancing of To-Day  Troy and Margaret Kinney  New York; 1914 
Dance Mad or The Dances of the Day  F. Leslie Clendenen  St. Louis; 1914 
The Tango and Other Up-to-Date Dances  J.S. Hopkins  Chicago; 1914 
Modern Dancing  Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Castle  New York; 1914 
Dances of Today  Albert W. Newman  Philadelphia; 1914 
Dancing Made Easy  Charles Coll  New York; 1919, 1922 
The Waltz - The Foxtrot - The One Step  Prof. Charles J. Frank  Philadelphia; 1922 
Good Morning  Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford  Dearborn, MI; 1926 
Traite de Danse; Lussan-Borel  Paris; 1926? 
How to Charleston Correctly  Bemis Walker  Minneapolis; 1926 
Dancing All the Latest Steps  Betty Lee  New York; 1926 
Casani's Self Tutor  Santos Casani  London; 1927 
Dancing  Betty Lee  New York; 1930 
Modern Ballroom Dancing  Lillian Ray  New York; 1932 
The Art of Dancing  Johnson Smith & Co.  Detroit; 1935 
Modern Ballroom Dancing  Lillian Ray  New York; 1936 
The Art of Social Dancing  Lawrence A. Hostetler  New York; 1936 
New Variations in Social Dance  Lawrence Stetler  1937 
Let's Dance  Arthur Murray  1937 
Let's Swing It  Arthur Murray  1937 
How to Dance  Louis Shomer  New York; 1937 
Tango and Rumba  Veloz and Yolanda  New York; 1938 
How to Dance the Big Apple  Norma Goldman  Newark NJ; 1938 
Teach Yourself the Latest Dance Steps  Lawrence Hostetler  1938 
How to Become a Good Dancer  Arthur Murray  New York; 1938 
How to Dance the Latest Dances Pat Sykes  London; 1940? 
How to Become a Good Dancer  Arthur Murray  New York; 1941 






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